Glee Fan

Ever since Cory Monteith’s surprise death, Glee fans all over have felt a certain way about glee continuing on for the new season. I myself am one of those fans. I was shocked, hurt, confused when actor Cory Monteith passed away. My first question when I heard the news was, what were the Glee creators going to do? I think because Glee had such a huge fan base this was a question that needed to be solved fast. As much as I was happy to see that Glee would be continuing after Monteith’s death I became a little sad. I knew that the show would continue to be a great success but I knew that Glee just wouldn’t be the same. Monteith’s character was a very important character in the series. The first episode of the new season was the hardest. I couldn’t even get through the whole episode without crying. The show just wasn’t the same without Finn. After that episode aired I decided that I would fall back a little from watching the show because a great actor, character and person was lost. I know many Glee fans have decided to move on just as the show did but I wasn’t able to. As much as I love Glee I wanted to remember it as how it was with all the original character. 


RIP Cory Monteith


You Got It

My friend Kiiwi asked my friend Andrianna and I to help him perform his two new singles “S**t Ain’t Sweet” and “You Got It” later on this month. It has been a long time since I have danced. It’s been since  October of last year to be exact. Kiiwi is a new artist that is trying to make it big, which I’m pretty sure a lot if us are. He is starting his own clothing line called The Snob Collection  and he’s putting out music too. Now a lot of people ask me what deprecates Kiiwi from any other artist who is trying to make big also. I respond with he’s gay! A lot of people  don’t think that a gay artist can be successful. This is something that I, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people think should be changed. I think that everybody should be able to do what makes them happy, without them being harmful or disrespectful in a inhumane matter. I know that my friend will change that and will open doors for people who are like him in the future. 


Curls Curls Curls

As society starts to welcome the “natural look” again, I found myself in somewhat of a struggle between the two. I love when my hair is straight. Its nice and soft and just flows in the wind. But there are some problems about having your hair straight all the time. One problem, maybe the biggest problem, is that I have to always apply heat to my hair. Heat damages your hair which prevents it from growing and being healthy. Another problem that I have is that my hair sweats a lot. I really don’t like that my hair does this because I’ll either have to wear my hair in a pony tail or straighten it everyday. So this brings me to wearing my hair natural. I love the curly look, especially when I see my friends wear them. I figured that since I have never permed my hair before it would turn out alright. Man was I wrong! I asked my friend what I can do to bring out my curls and and not have my roots curly and my ends straight as a pin. My friend suggested that i stop straightening my hair so much and try to wear my natural hair a lot more often. She said that I would have to train my hair to be curly just like I had to train my hair to be straight. Hopefully from the instructions that my friend gave me I can have more healthier hair and rock the curls!



Curls Curls Curls

Missing Plane

There are many stories that are in the news today. One of the latest and most interesting that has people talking is a story about a plane that has gone missing. On March 8, 2014 flight 370 took off for Beijing. It wasn’t until this past Monday that officials say that the plane “ended” in the Indian Ocean on March 24, 2014. Now one thing that seems to boggle my mind is how does anybody loose a plane? How can an aircraft that fits 239 people on it comes up missing? I don’t understand. In every situation I try to look at all possible aspects, but with this missing plane my mind won’t allow me too. I feel extremely sorry for the victims families. I know that they are in a time of mourning. I believe they are as confused as the rest of the world, if not more. I wonder how the airline will make up for losing a aircraft. I doubt there is anything that can be done for losing a individual. I hope that the we find out what happened to this plane and learn and make corrections to whatever needs to be corrected so this devastating event doesn’t happen again. 


RIP passengers of flight 370

iPhones versus Androids

There is a big debate over iPhones and Androids. Evens though these phones may seem to have the same functions, they are really different. A resent friend of mine just bought a iPhone and she loves it. She  had a Htc but got an upgrade to an iPhone. I asked her what she likes about the iPhone that androids don’t do. Her response was that she likes that the iPhone is smaller and more easier to manage than the android. She said that she also liked that she could get a lot more apps for her iPhone. Apps are usually available for the iPhone first then people with androids can buy it once it becomes successful enough. But that’s my personal opinion. I own the iPhone 4s. That means that I have Siri. I could use Siri to call people, add contacts, ask for directions, or just ask random questions. I never owned an android but my mother owns one and I find it more difficult to use the android than the iPhone. The fact that I’ve never owned an android probably doesn’t qualify me enough compare the two, but I do know what I like. One thing that I can say I do like about the androids are the cameras. Their cameras capture the picture so clearly. I think  iPhones should work on the clearness of picture. Once they fix that I think the iPhone will be even more successful than it is now. 


iPhones vs. Androids

Reality vs. Fantasy


My life one day

During this past weekend, my friends and I had a very interesting talk. We talked about where we see our self in ten years in reality and in our fantasy. So I am decided to share both with the world. In ten years, I hope that I am at a school teaching. I hope that I am married with at least one child. I hope that I am sufficient enough where I don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck. I want to be stable enough where I can take trips during the summer and winter with my friends and family. In my fantasy life, I see myself, in ten years, being and amazing singer and actress. I would hope to have at least two albums, been on my first world tour, and shooting my first movie. I was telling my friends that I look up to Beyonce in all that she does. But I want to be better than her. I want to be a great performer and motivate people with my songs and with my movies. I want to motivate girls like me who to follow their dreams and don’t let anyone tell them that they can’t do it. Whatever it may be, I want to be the person who motivates them and say that they can do anything they put their mind to. 

Spring Break


My second home

Spring break is approaching fast. Last spring break my friend Andrianna and I went to Florida. I used to live in Florida and my 8th grade year I moved back to Chicago. Then my mom decided to move back to Florida my sophomore year of college. This was kind of perfect because it gave my friends and I a place to stay when spring break and other opportunities came up. This semester I met a lot of new friends. In the perfect world, I would love to have all my friends come to Florida with me. But unfortunately we all don’t live in the perfect world. Me and Andrianna and two of her other friends decided to just go to Florida since none of our other friends were not able to come. I didn’t realize how much planning and money it takes to go to a place like Florida for spring break. We have to find hotels and transportation. That all cost money and a lot of it. Good thing we will be staying with my mom for a few days. That cuts out on the hotel an food that we would be spending money on. Hopefully we can get all this planning done and have a final decision on what we are doing. Wish us luck!

Ratatouille Soup


My Favorite Disney Movie

When i tell people that I’m going to make them Ratatouille Soup, their first comment is “What is that?”. I first heard about Ratatouille Soup from the movie Ratatouille. The movie is about a rat, named Remy, that is an outcast within his family. Rats, as everyone knows, are nasty beings that we kill. They are dirty and carry diseases with them. But this particular rat has a passion for cooking. This rat meets up with an heir of a famous chef in France that has passed away and comes in to take over his restaurant. Linguni, the heir of the famous chef, can not cook at all. Remy learns that he can control Linguini through his hair to make him better chef. The rest of the movie is going through how they try to disguise the rat being the real chef and all the complications that come along. This movie is a great movie to prove that you can do anything that you put your mind too. 

Valentines Day Cards


Beyonce Valentines Day Card

Valentines Day is a day that many like to share their love for their significant other or a secret crush. We all know how these Valentines Day events work, especially in schools. Teachers usually have students bring in cards for everyone. These cards usually say something sweet and kind to make that individual feel special. It wasn’t until this past weekend when I seen inappropriate Valentines Day cards, or Cards for adults. Now i cannot lie, most of the cards I saw were funny. Some were just plain stupid. But, it really got me thinking how much time people must really have on their hands to create jokes for such a loving holiday. My favorite card would have to be the card that said “U don’t have 2 b a single lady this year” then it shows Beyonce’s making a funny face. This pictures was really funny to me because I love Beyonce and her song single ladies. 

First Blog Ever!!!

This is my first post on my first blog ever! Putting this blog together is really confusing. I really should have brought my laptop when the whole class was learning how put there blogs together. I hope I made my blog right. I think that the design I have is really simple but it is still classy. Well, my first week of classes have gone by and I am really excited about all of my classes. I am especially excited about this class. I didn’t know the first thing about public relations. But after the first week, I learned that PR has a lot to do in all job fields. One of the more popular job field PR has an involvement in is dealing with stars and celebrities. Stars and celebrities is one thing that I love.  My favorite place to get any information that has to do with any of the stars is E news. This entertainment company keeps up with any and everything that has to deal with the stars.  I am really excited to go further with this course to see where else public relations can take me.

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